Macaulay2 Workshop: Madison 2025

June 30 - July 4, 2025

Organizers: Thomas Brazelton & Mahrud Sayrafi
& Thomas Yahl



There will be a one-week Macaulay2 workshop held at University of Wisconsin - Madison, which will take place the week before SIAM-AG 2025. Persons of all levels of Macaulay2 experience and knowledge are encouraged to apply. We especially encourage the participation of those from underrepresented groups and ethnicities. This workshop will aim to serve several purposes:

  • To expand the capabilities and functionality of Macaulay2 and its accompanying packages.
  • To bring together members of diverse mathematical communities and begin new collaborations.
  • To provide students with hands-on learning and coding experiences and to prepare them to attend the subsequent SIAM-AG 2025 meeting.

Funding Information

We hope to have funds available to assist graduate students and early-career mathematicians in their travel to the workshop. More information will be provided here in the future.


Coming soon.